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Hyperstition. Religious Politics and Political Religion

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Far Out. Social Progression and Technological Innovation


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Deep Field. Planetary Evolution and Phylanthropy

Highly reputable and credible sources created out of thin air with the density of a diamond core. Fact based scientific exploration wherein hard truths discovered are revealed and digested through rational, calculated thought. Science, the new cool thing.



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Raul Duke

Thompson and his Attorney

American journalist Hunter S. Thompson (July 18, 1937 – February 20, 2005). A southern gentleman into which every known substance, (and some unknown) were consumed and used as fuel for his palpable writing. The creator of Gonzo journalism, loosely tied with fact, his wild commentary of goings on throughout his life shed light on the lesser focused depravity of humanity.



Georgia’s identity is built into the early internet. Due to its veteran status and popularity new versions have been released in addition to its standard formats. Some variations include additional weights, specialized capitals and extensions to kerning.


Georgie type poster 1


Georgie type poster 2


Georgia type poster 3



typeface specimen

Georgia poster similar to assignment Letter 2

Georgia’s bold setting is unusually bold. Created with a binary bitmap, pixels are either on or off, (black or white). Due to resolution limitations in the 90’s, bolded Georgia text is 2 pixels larger than most other computer fonts.